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KF series centrifugal ventilator

KF series centrifugal ventilator


  Product characteristic:

  1. Explanation of ventilator model:



  2. The common drive and installation forms of the ventilator like chart show :



3.The product is made of quality steel plates, then electrostatic spray coat.Spare parts are die-formed. The final assembly is done on assembly line. Main pars are produced by advanced crafts, such as welding impeller, undercuttingshell, TOX riveting and etc.

4.The blades of impeller are BC hollow airfoil blades. They make the air blower high efficiency, low noise, flux large, pressure high. The product has structure reasonable, long service life, broad use, using safely and reliably and so on the good characteristics.

5.The imported standard high quality bearings are used in the KF series air blower,enhances the non- breakdown running time. The belt cone wheel of airblower is fixed by a cone distend tight structure; the adjustment and installation are extremely convenient.

6.The DKF series ventilator is single inlet structure (there is only one inlet). It is with the special-purpose attachment flange, can connect the air pipeline directly to save the installation space.

7.The machine performance that refers in this catalog is under the standard condition. Namely atmospheric pressure 101.325 kPa, gas temperature 20,density of gas1.2 kg/m3. The performance parameters list in the technical parameter table is all normal operation parameter of the ventilator (the red shadow area of the performance curve).

8.The KF series ventilator can be made as the explosion-proof type air blower,and has obtained the explosion-proof certificate, the explosion-proof rank ExdⅡBT4.

9.Please give clear indication of the model, the form of installation, flux, full pressure and other special requests; when you order.

10.According to customers' requests, our company can design and make other form fan for other installation form and the special use.

Note: fan performance parameters and fan structure size, the company has the right to modify, then without notice.

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