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DDW series centrifugal ventilator

DDW series centrifugal ventilator


Product characteristic:

1. Explanation of ventilator model:



2.The ventilator is driven by external rotor electrical motor directly rated voltage of electric motor three-phase 380V, single-phase 220V, r frequency 50Hz, the character of continuous service working system S1, electric motor outer covering protection rank IP44, insulation rank B,-down method is natural cooling IC0041. The temperature of working amb not higher than 40℃. The altitude above sea level does not surpass 1 The relative humidity is smaller than 90%, horizontal-type installatio you need special request, indicate it please.)



3.The ventilator should working in the gas environment, which the air does notcontain large amount of caustic gas; it does not contain the acidic gas, thealkalinity gas, and the ignitable gas; the dust particle matter is not biggerthan under 150mg/m3. The installation of air blower can be commonly and othertwo kind of forms, the commonly using form like chart shows:

4.The product is made of quality steel plates, then electrostatic spray coaAlso it can be made of quality galvanized steel plates. Spare parts are dieformed. The final assembly is done on assembly line. Main pars are producedadvanced crafts, such as rolling pressing impeller, undercutting shell, TOriveting and etc.

5.The ventilator is single inlet structure (there is only one inlet). It iswith the special-purpose attachment flange, can connect the air pipelinedirectly to save the installation space.

6.The product accords with mechatronics technology. It is structurereasonable, small volume, low noise, high efficiency, long service life, bruse, multi-speed and so on the good characteristics. Also, its small powermotor passes muster of the CCC authentication. It is used safely and reliab

7.The standard high quality bearings are used in the product, enhances the- breakdown running time.

8.The ventilator is with the omni-directional stands, other special formstands for installation; or without any stands. Therefore, adjustconveniently. It is suitable for the different demands of installation plac

9.Please give clear indication of the model, the form of installation, usingalvanized steel plates or not, and being with flange of venthole or not; wyou order.

10.According to customers' requests, our company can design and make other form air blower for other installation form and the special use

Note: fan performance parameters and fan structure size, the company has the right to modify, then without notice.

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