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Fan To install and use

Number of visits: Date:2017-04-22

In order to ensure the normal operation of the fan, fan in the process of installation and use must pay attention to the following:

First, before the installation: the fan should be a comprehensive inspection of parts, whether mechanical integrity of the rotating impeller and the direction of the case are the same, whether the ministries connected Closer. Impeller, spindle, bearings and other major mechanical damage there, the transmission group, such as whether or not flexible.

Second, when the installation: Chassis attention to the inspection, should not fall into the shell, tools and debris left over. In some combination of rust on the surface in order to prevent and reduce the demolition of the difficulties, should be coated with resin or some mechanical lubricant oil. Fan combination of surface and ground, air and out of pipelines to connect to be adjusted to make it a natural match can not be forcibly connected, more channels will not be added to the weight of the fan parts. And to ensure that fans pay attention to the horizontal position.

Third, installation requirements:

(1) as shown in the drawings by the size and location of the installation, in order to ensure efficient and ensure, in particular into the air impeller and the axial and radial gap size.

(2) installation after the test drive dial group to check whether there is too tight or a collision with a fixed part of the phenomenon.

(3) all installed, after passing the Inspector General, in order to carry out the operation of the fan.

Fourth, in order to prevent the burning of the electrical overload, start-up in the air, no need to load (into the wind to close the valve, the valve slightly open wind) conditions, such as in good condition, and gradually open the valve straight provisions of the condition So far. In the course of operation should strictly control the current rating can not exceed.

V. Fan:

(1) fan before the start, the following should be prepared to work

a, air valves will be closed out of the wind slightly open valve.

b, check air space the size of ministries, part of the rotation with a fixed part of the collision and there is friction.

(2) after fans start to the normal speed when running in the course of the regular temperature checks are in working order when the temperature bearings do not have a special request, bearing temperature rise no more than the ambient temperature around 40 degrees Celsius; bearing parts of the RMS Shall not be greater than the value of the velocity 6.3mm \ s. If it is found that there is intense fan vibration, impact and bearing temperature rise rapidly rising phenomenon, it must be an emergency stop.

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