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Air blower daily operation maintenance matters needing attention

Number of visits: Date:2017-04-22

For the full display equipment potency, lengthens the useful life of equipment, must strengthen to air blower's maintenance and the correct use, and pays attention to the following item:

First, pays attention to air blower's revolution clear situation frequently, whether various spots do have the unusual phenomenon (for example discharge temperature, oil level, electric appliance control wiring and so on), if has the abnormal phenomenon to stop immediately the inspection elimination.

two, momentarily adjust the amount of wind according to the working load change, causes the air blower to be at the best running status.

three, air blower generating process middle bearing temperature do not be higher than 40 degrees Celsius, the surface temperature do not be higher than 80 degrees Celsius. Periodic inspection oil level.

four, in opens, stops and in the revolution discovered when freak occurrence should stop immediately the inspection, discovered that the breakdown removes promptly, refuses when the air blower revolves carries on the inspection and the repair to the air blower.

five, eliminate the air blower internal product ash and the attachment regularly. 4-6 months replace one time the lubricating oil, each time overhaul must inspect replace one time, the oil level should maintain at the predetermined altitude.

six, air blowers has when the following phenomenon wants the emergency stop, verifies the reason to remove promptly:

(A) the air blower has the fierce vibration, to strike against, the unusual noise and so on freak occurrence;

(B) the bearing box has the fierce vibration, the bearing stable rises suddenly;

(C) the electrical machinery current capacity is oversized, the temperature rise is excessively high;

(D) the leather belt has the breakage to brush the sound;

Seventh, before the air blower starts, must make the following inspection:

(A) adjusts the winds whether to close;

(B) transmission part to be whether nimble, whether the bolt does become less crowded;

(C) lubricating oil to be whether clean, sufficient;

(D) electric appliance measuring appliance and so on whether keen effective;

(E) starts pays attention to the unit situation, after not having exceptionally, only then official start movement.

Eighth, air blower's maintenance routine:

(A) does the continuous running 3-6 month inspection rolling bearing damage;

(B) the continuous running 3-6 month inspection lubricating oil, discovered the deterioration or is not clean when must replace;

(C) the impeller long-term movement has when the fierce vibration should overhaul or the replacement promptly, the user repairs voluntarily when must make the static balance and the transient equilibrium examination, after the qualified, side may install the use, will otherwise present the malignant accident;

(D) the long time stops using or the spare air blower, once in a while, should revolve 180 degrees the impeller, is curving by against main axle static state distortion.

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