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External rotor air-conditioning blower's reasonable

Number of visits: Date:2017-04-22

User when use External rotor air-conditioning blowers occur following questions frequently: (1) air volume and wind pressure are low; (2) noise is loud ; (3) blowers are easy to burn down.

The air blower which is used in the ventilation system and air-conditioning unit; Mostly is in a complex pipe network system, its installment space and position are some restrictions on the use of shock absorption, noise reduction, and maintenance of a certain requirements. Therefore, the air-conditioning blower in the design of structural style and the performance, must adapt the above each kind of situation to satisfy the requirements of using. Meanwhile, only then chooses and matches the appropriate air blower, can guarantee the entire ventilation system as well as the air conditioning unit continuously the steady operation.

The standard of selection:

The main types of air-conditioning blower are forward curved multi-blade centrifugal blower, backward curved multi-blade centrifugal blower, axial blower, and others in China . Currently, the blower is widely used in the air conditioning unit are multi-blade type centrifugal blower, it has characteristics of low noise, high pressure coefficient, light weight.

Under normal circumstances, in order to achieve the design requirements for the guarantee air conditioning unit's performance, should choose the bigger blower ; on the other hand, for lowing power consumption, noise reduction, as well as the investment point of view, and hope that the fan is as small as possible. As a result, choosing the appropriate blower for air conditioning unit or pipe network system is the which the air conditioning blower user must give careful consideration.

Our company produces the multi-blade type air-conditioning centrifugal blower drive used in three major ways: motor shaft driven directly, belt driven and external rotor motor driven directly. Our company shows the structural style, the data sheet of performance parameter, and the performance curve on catalog by detail, through the product samples that you can choose to use to meet the requirements of the type of blower. Meet in the same working conditions, double inlet external rotor the multi-blade blowers have characteristics of large air volume, high pressure coefficient, low noise, and compact structure size; has been increasingly widely used.

The parameter on catalog and the actual operating condition

These parameters on the catalog: the air volume, pressure, noise, efficiency, power, based on experimental data are converted into state standards and under the rated speed of the results, this also is the immediate cause of blower selection improper. Under the experimental condition blower's operating condition approaches in blower's actual operating condition, the mainly difference between these two conditions is: In the experiment uses the pipe network is standardized and the formatted arrangement, but in actual operating condition, the pipe network is the ventilation system or the air conditioning unit is according to needs to determine when the system is designed. Once the pipe network uesed by system is determined, the pipe network drag curve also is determined. Therefore, under experimental conditions than the standard blower running state closer to the actual results of the conversion work.

There are two main way of adjustment after the blower and the pipe network joint operation: (1) adjusting the inlet of air to change blower's itself characteristic; (2) adjusting the blower export to change pipe network characteristic. Usually, people use the second way to adjustment external rotor air conditioning blower operating mode. In the experimental conditions and the actual operation, the blower

speed with the throttle opening and continued to reduce the increase. but is not always in a certain speed, this is by air blower's characteristic decision. Whatever which kind of transmission form are used, air blower's slippery difference is always existing. In contrast, motor shaft directly driven blower the relatively small changes in speed while it is working, , belt transmission air blower next best, but while external rotor blower is working, often will have the motor slippery difference oversized to cause the motor to move the time rotational speed to be lower than its rated speed by far the situation. While the actual operation, as the throttle was increased and decreased resistance pipe network, to overcome the air resistance reduced, the blower’s torque increases, speed decreased, increased consumption of power, the current increase. The air volume,pressure will not be able to sample given on the value of the rated speed. Resulting in the performance of air-conditioning units less than the users’ requirements, The user will often open air throttle bigger to satisfy needs of the air volume and the pressure. At this time air blower's speed unceasingly will be dropping, the air volume and pressure which blower provide will also reduce. At this time although still had the possibility to overcome this time's pipe network resistance, but simultaneously the noise also increases, and possibly oversized will cause the motor overburning because of the big load.There are such situation sometimes in our company post-sale service process, because selects the air blower is small, air blower's overcomes pipe network's resistance with difficulty in actual movement time pressure, operates the big air throttle is actually reduces pipe network's resistance to meet system's needs. When air throttle opening is oversized, so that air blower's load increases, causes the air blower serious overload to burn down..

Therefore, users must pay attention to the following points when selection blower.

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