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Maintenance of ventilator

Number of visits: Date:2017-03-29

1, the use of the environment should always keep clean, the fan surface to keep clean, into the outlet should not have debris, regularly remove the fan and pipe dust and other debris.

2, only in the fan under normal circumstances can be run, and to ensure adequate capacity of power supply facilities, voltage stability, is strictly prohibited operation, power lines must be dedicated lines, should not be used for long-term temporary power supply.

3, the fan in the running process found that the fan has abnormal sound, the motor serious fever, shell live, switch trip, can not start the phenomenon, should immediately stop checking. In order to ensure safety, do not allow the operation of the fan in the maintenance, maintenance should be tested after about five minutes to confirm that no abnormal phenomenon and then start running.

4, according to the use of environmental conditions from time to time on the bearing to add or replace the grease (motor closed bearings in the life of the period do not have to replace the grease), in order to ensure the fan in the course of running a good lubrication, the number of refueling not less than 1000 hours / Times closed bearings and motor bearings, fueled with zl-3 lithium-based grease filled with inner and outer bearings 1/3; is strictly prohibited lack of oil operation.

5, the fan should be stored in a dry environment, to avoid motor damp. Fan in the open storage, there should be defensive measures. In the storage and handling process should prevent the fan bump, so as to avoid damage to the fan.

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