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Common problems of axial flow fan?

Number of visits: Date:2017-03-29

Axial fan is currently the most commonly used on the market a ventilation, air supply equipment, the so-called "axial flow", because the gas parallel to the fan shaft flow, that is, with the fan axis of the same direction of the air, such as electricity Fan, air conditioning fan machine is the axial flow mode fan. Axial fans are often used in situations where the flow rate is high and the pressure is low.

Axial fans compared to other types of fans have obvious advantages, but also the characteristics of axial fans, which also makes axial fans more popular than other types of fans, in general, axial fans have the following characteristics:

First, the structure is simple, solid and reliable;

Second, the noise is small, relatively low noise on people;

Third, the installation is convenient, the general size of the axial fan is not very large, the installation of materials do not need a lot of difficulty and strength are relatively low, the general electrical and construction workers can be installed.

Fourth, the ventilation effect is obvious, safe, you can take the wind blower to the designated area.

It is the axial fan simple and safe, the general situation need to install the fan will be preferred axial fan, but some of the large projects used by the axial fan or some procedures need to pay attention, careful customers also gave us a lot of questions, the following pick Choose two common questions for everyone to answer, we also welcome you to our message, the typical problem we will openly answer, thank you for the attention!

Question 1: Axial fan test run should meet the requirements of what?

Answer: 1, start, the site should be no abnormal phenomenon; when there are abnormal phenomena should immediately stop inspection, identify the cause and should be eliminated;

2, after the start of adjusting the blade, the current shall not be greater than the motor rated current value;

3, the operation, the fan is strictly prohibited to stay in the surge in the case;

4, the normal working temperature of rolling bearings should not be greater than 70 ℃, the maximum maximum temperature should not be greater than 95 ℃, the temperature should not exceed 55 ℃, sliding bearing the normal working temperature should not be greater than 75 ℃.

5, the fan bearing vibration speed RMS should not be greater than 6.3mm / s; bearing box installed in the case of the fan, the vibration value can be measured on the chassis;

6, the main bearing temperature stability, the continuous test run time should not be less than 6h, after stopping the pipeline should check the sealing and leaf clearance.

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