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Human resources

◆Core philosophy: provide opportunities for ambitious people, a platform for competent people, as well as positions and remuneration for successful people. Elect talent only, use talent necessarily.

◆Principle of equal stress on integrity and ability

Erect and use talent according to the requirements of comprehensive measurement and equal stress on integrity and ability; insist on the principle of “virtuous but untalented people are mediocre, while talented but non-virtuous people are snobby”, thus laying equal emphasis on talent and morality.

◆Principle of “result-oriented”

In talent employment, we lay emphasis on competence and level rather than education and diploma. Therefore, no matter what identity, education and age section, you will be employed and entrusted with an important post as long as you work more remarkably and perform more prominent than others. At present, our technicians and middle-level managers are equally 35 years old, and workshop directors are equally 30 years old. They are quite young and do not totally have high education, but they have competence, enthusiasm and achievements. We insist on the employment mechanism of “result-oriented”, enabling a large quantity of virtuous and talented people to stand out and become our developmental pillars.

◆Principle of survival of the fittest

In talent selection, we have transformed “erect horses by talent scout” to “choose horses in the court”. We only lay emphasis on the talent who does the best; otherwise, weaker ones will be knocked out.

◆Principle of “everyone is talent”

In talent employment, we have eliminated modeling and mystification and realized “using people according to actual competence”. As long as you exert your intelligence to the greatest extent on an appropriate post, you will become a statistically significant talent. According to this principle, we arrange every staff to relatively appropriate post according to their own levels, specialties, experience, characters, etc., to make the best use of talent and give full play to their competence, thus promoting our sustainable, rapid and efficient development.