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Development path

Chapter One the overview of the enterprise

Shandong Xinfeng joint stock limited partnership (former:the fan of air conditioner joint stock limited partnership of Zibo) lies in the onetime capital of the Qi state—Linzi, whose headquarters locates at the NO. 9 Qingtian Road in the Qilu Chemical Industry Park of Linzi district, Zibo city of Shandong province.

Shandong xinfeng Co.,Ltd. has a new wind product development, technical services, marketing, production and other departments, it is divided into three branches: the electronic branch, the branch micro-motors and static electricity spraying branch. Company attached to the Linzi district of Zibo City Economic and Trade Bureau, Shandong Province, was approved by the Commission for Restructuring the Economy medium-sized joint-stock system.

Shandong xinfeng Co., Ltd. is the large-scale air-conditioning fans, power tools, micro-motor, small DC motor And a multi-polar ring varistor manufacturing company, whhich has the new wind-machine processing, processing power, cast aluminum, plastic injection, electrostatic spraying, mold manufacturing, electrical appliances, electronic components production and so on.

March 1970 enterprise changed its name to "Linzi District of Zibo City, motor repair factory."

Enterprises in 1983 moved to the new plant site (cattle Road No. 313), the same year changed its name to the city of Zibo, "Xindian Ventil Ator Factory air-conditioning." With the growing scale of business, engineering and technical personnel, increased in 1990 to DW1.5-5.6 Series fan, air-conditioned train a dedicated fan, axial fan, and other products come out one after another; in a row and seven countries to obtain patent.

Enterprises in 1993 created "air-conditioning fan Zibo Co., Ltd.", when the company put forward the "Three Ones" goal, and strive to achieve the end of the year: 10,000,000 yuan of industrial output value, product output of 10,000 units, profits and taxes 1,000,000 yuan. "Three Ones" the goal of the smooth realization of the end of the year.

Company in August 1995 and May 1997 and has merged the original "Zibo electric fan factory" (Power Tools Factory), "Zibo twelve radio factory," moving close to the assets 30,000,000 yuan. Company in a rapidly expanding scale, total assets of more than 100,000,000 yuan; the number of employees increased to 958 people.

In 1998 the first batch of restructuring the company as a whole unit, not the government-controlled enterprises. After restructuring the company, operating from the market, product development, distribution system, and other aspects of the development of a series of preferential policies to encourage. One after another development, the development of pre-and post-Specifications dumping large belt transmission, into a single style, Direct, the axial-flow, no carcasses, fire, kitchen with 16 series, more than 60 varieties, more than 300 specifications big fan of the family . Built the largest, most extensive range of measurement, the most accurate measurements of the "multi-fan test Nozzle Wind Room"; KF series on the air, DF fan series production was the key to the creative process improvements. Use modern means of management of enterprise management, the realization of basic scientific research, marketing, production, personnel, finance microprocessor systematic management of the network. The company has in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Harbin and other big cities set up sales offices, product sales, after-sales service covering the whole country to form a network.

In August 1999 the company passed the ISO9001 - 1994 quality management system certification in December 2002 successfully finished ISO9001-2000 quality management system for version, complex work of the assessment. March 2002 was named "Chinese Association of Refrigeration recommended products", in August the same year, electrical products made at the national level "CCC" safety certification, in November the same year by the city government as a "Zibo brand-name" products.

In 2002, the company to achieve industrial output value 51,240,000 yuan; sales 47,500,000 yuan; profits and taxes 7,080,000 yuan.

At present, the company has developed into the largest air-conditioning fan and varistor production of key enterprises.

Chapter 1 Enterprise Production and Management

Section I Marketing

From the plant in the early 1980s to the beginning of the end of the business because of their small size, a single product, the sale is not set up specialized agencies; product sales and procurement of materials at the time of supply and marketing business under the Section.

In 1981 to start selling products from the province gradually to customers nationwide spread of the major cities, air-conditioning centrifugal blower sales of products in short supply. Production and sales gradually transformed from a planned economy into a model of market regulation.

In 1991, in the face of tough market conditions, the company selling the concept change in a timely manner, and actively take the initiative to send across the sales, business contacts, the admission of new customers, open up new markets. However, sales fall far short of meeting the needs of customers, the company does not meet the actual production and development.

With the 1992 internal restructuring, the original "Supply and Marketing Section," divided into "Sales Division" "Supply Section" clear responsibilities, and rationalize the business. At the same time, increase the sale of reform.

Section II the Main Economic Indicators

In the 1980s, the fixed assets of enterprises by the early 1980's 300,000 yuan, an increase of 80 at the end of the 400 million production has begun to take shape. Its main products are centrifugal air-conditioning fan-based product production increased year by year. 1986 centrifugal blower air-conditioning products covering major cities, "Xin Feng" brand air-conditioning centrifugal blower gradually gain a foothold in the domestic market.

During the 6 years between 1991~1997, the company’s total industrial output value increased steadily with the speed of 24% each year, each economic indicator varied tremendously, the market share of the centrifugal fan of air conditioner raised than before, the company had an unprecedented favorable running status.

1998~1997, under the coordinateness and operation of high management, the company mergerd the fan factory of Zibo and the 12th wireless factory of Zibo.

Section 5 the output of main products

One、In the initial stage, the enterprise, buit in 1956, manufactured such products: some articles for daily use、farm machinery and implements and accessories. And it undertook the repairment of non-motor vehicle for civilian and farm use. Till the eraly stage of 70s, yearly capacity of various agricultural implements grew to 5000 gradually.

Two、The enterprise established engineering department in the early 1970’s, starting the design and the development of new product, its yearly capacity is 450.

Three、The enterprise has stepped in normal road since 1980s. The exploitability of new products developed fast. During 1979~1982, it manufactured 4202 fans、235 explosion-proof electric machines、6940KW electric motors of J02 series、1532 table fans of 250mm and 26178 micro machines.

Four、The capacity of fan in 1994 was 6 times as much as that in 1983.This stage was a main stage of better running status.

Section 6 famous brand and high quality well-known goods

The brand of company’s products is Xinfeng. The products of Xinfeng brand are recommend products of the Chinese refrigeration and air conditioning industry, excellent quality assured brand with reliable service, AAA-level enterprise of quality and service credibility in China.This brand is famous in the field.

The fan、electric motor、voltage dependent resistor and micro machine of Xinfeng brand are national cxcelicnt products, repeatedly woning the quality award of electrical &mechanical products in Zibo、the product quality award of engineering industry in Shandong、national honest unit、the recommend products of consumptionn guild in Shandong and so on.

Chapter Four technical reform of the enterprise

Section 1 eliminate outgoing industry

The enterprise mainly dealed in the manufacture and repairment of farm machinery and implements and J series of electric motor from 1956 to 1969. It began to tritura outer rotor electric motor in 1970, started to tritura DW outer rotor fan. Woodwork and secondary sector of metal plate which the enterprise took part in withdrew at the early 70s.

In August,1995, the enterprise mergered Zibo Electric Tool Works, in the same year, it stopped producing the exhaust fan for family and industry use.

Section 2 inoculated and altered industry

The enterprise began to tritura outer rotor electric motor、fan and took sharp till 1979. With the increase of the capacity, it designed and installed the first assembly line in 1991, the first electrostatic powder coating line in March,1993.

In 1997, the enterprise mergered the 12th wireless factory. The production line of micro machine which could produce one million was pointed as a high priority programme in Linzi distract. In August, it rebuilt 2 assembling and detecting lines of micro machine, realizing volume production of micro machine products, suppling series products of micro machine such as fan of ice chest、water pump of dishwasher to Haier Group and Aokema Group.