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Leader's speech

The Chairman and the General Manager Mr. Han Rongjie

Made a speech at the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the company

Distinguished leaders, ladies and gentlemen:

Today is an important day in the history of the development of Freshair. 50 years ago, the predecessor of the Freshair - Linzi County repair factory came into being. Since then, Freshair has been developing and growing in the ancient capital of Qi - Linzi. It witnessed the devotion of several generations of Freshair people, took shape of Freshair Spirit and achieved brilliant performances; it accompanied the air-conditioning fan development at each milestone in China; it recorded the painstaking efforts and outstanding contributions made by Freshair people for the national industrial brand and the cause of the national air-conditioning fan. In the face of today's exciting moment, I represent the company's party committee and the board of directors to express deep gratitude to the leaders, guests and friends who contribute to the development and growth of Freshair, to all employees that work hard, and to those old leadership and the old workers who devote their youth, wisdom and sweat and even life of energy to Freshair.

After experiencing 50 years of ups and downs, Freshair changed from small to large, from weak to strong, from a planned economy to a market economy, and from a district collectively-owned enterprise to a joint-stock enterprise, from the first produced outer rotor centrifugal fan in the early seventies to the current 16 series and more than 800 specifications models. "Freshair" has become a national brand who dares to compete with the world famous brand fan. "Freshair" fans are dominate in the domestic market and are widely used in air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and other manufacturing areas. Many places are using "Freshair" fans, including Great Hall of the People, China Central Television studio, radio and television transmitting tower, Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, as well as Shanghai Oriental Pearl, Nanjing, Beijing and Guangzhou Metros. Some of "Freshair" products are used for nuclear submarines and ships and other military equipment. DWZ axial flow fan is popular particularly, exported to Malaysia for long-term and becomes a major bright spot in Freshair export products. Today's Freshair is an air-conditioning fan manufacturing company with the most domestic series and the most complete specifications, and is the leading enterprise in domestic air-conditioning fan industry.

Fifty years of ups and downs casts Freshair brand; 50 years of development profits from the tireless working and indomitable spirit of innovation of several generations of Freshair people. Freshair has a first-class professional and technical team dedicated into the international fan technology frontier and braved to innovate. They have developed domestic advanced DW series fan, KF series of posterior wing airfoil fan, internationally advanced DWK series of outer rotor axial fan, FX series of box fan with independent intellectual property rights, KF series of outer rotor air conditioning fan, DT series duplex fan, and LKZ series of axial flow fan for air conditioner in train use. Besides, they have won 21 national patents one after another, three items of Shandong Science and Technology Progress Award, two items of Zibo Technology Progress Award, among which, the large-depth metal inlet spinning technology obtained the national invention patent.

The products were rated as China Refrigeration Association Recommended Products in 2002, and recognized as "Zibo Brand-name Products" by the municipal government in November

The company was rated as China Quality Assured Brand of China by the Technical Supervision Bureau of China.

Identified as high-tech enterprise by Shandong Science and Technology Department in 2003.

Rated as "Brand-name Products of Shandong" by Shandong Quality Association in 2004

The company was rated as "Famous Brand of Shandong" by Shandong Trade and Industry Bureau in 2005

Spread the wings at the right time. Fifty years of glory makes the development history of Freshair. New blueprints and performance are waiting for us to portray and create. We will adhere to the scientific concept of development and take the road of independent innovation based on the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee. We will spare no effort to create a century-famous brand enterprise and to create a world-renowned brand! We will be determined to provide customers with quality products and good after-sales service as always. We look forward to joining hands with more customers, friends and colleagues to create the new glory of Freshair. Freshair will have a better tomorrow.

We stand on a new starting point to seek new development. Let us focus on the business and concentrate on development under the correct leadership of the district government. We love our country, perform integrity management and contribute to society. We strive to build a harmonious enterprise, to make greater contributions for building a more dynamic, more powerful and more attractive Linzi City.

Finally, in this festive day and by this opportunity, I sincerely wish the leaders, ladies and gentlemen, and all the staff participated in the celebration good health and good luck! I wish the company have a prosperous future.


Thank you all!

May 18, 2006